Welcome to the website of Kalina, the leaders in taste and quality! We are a meat manufacturing company that specializes in exporting meat. We are veterans in the process of manufacturing for over ten years and with our experience you can be assured of the highest quality in meat and meat products. Austria is an ecologically clean country and they have strict rules in the Austrian meat industry, which our company strongly adheres to. All manufacturing is done within our quality control.  You can be confident that Kalina products will live up to your standards in taste and quality. 

Take a look through the site to see the abundant varieties of meat available. Our prices are competitive with the market and we have a higher quality of meat. Kalina strives to provide meats for Russian style recipes that are beloved on the Russian market. There is an assortment smoked pork, baked bacon, ham or boiled pork with onion and other spices and etc. Please the time to examine our website and try our products. We guarantee that you will love it!